The Spiritual Body

Positive emotions such as love, joy and gratitude will serve to raise your vibration. The daily practice of gratitude will not only raise your vibration, but also create more abundance in your life. Remember, what you focus on increases. Focusing on the good things will bring you more good things to feel grateful about.

Aside from love, prayer is the best way to raise your vibration. I am not referring to prayer from a book but rather prayer in your own words from your own heart. Your prayer should be worthy and not include requests for material things. I encourage you to begin a prayer list. This is a list of perhaps 5 people that you know or have heard about that are in need of prayer. This can be as simple as a sick loved one, a co-worker going through a difficult divorce, a country in chaos in the midst of a civil war, a neighbor that is struggling financially, or others who come into your awareness as suffering from some sort of physical or emotional pain. I do not pray for myself during my prayer list practice; it is a time to send prayer to others. Adopting a gratitude check-in and a prayer list will enhance your life in many ways and undoubtedly raise your vibration. Many times there are people on my list who I have never met but perhaps heard about on the news. I typically have about five people on my prayer list; sometimes names remain there for months and sometimes I only say one prayer for someone. It depends on their circumstances and needs.

It's important to expand your consciousness to those in need beyond your tribal group, your own family and community. Pray for people you may feel no connection to. You will find that changes over time as you connect with them on a spiritual level by sending love and prayer for them. After all, there is no separateness because we are all connected.









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