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What you ingest has a huge effect on your body and your vibration. There are only two types of foods: food derived from organisms nourished by the sun and food derived from organisms nourished by the earth. This does not include foods that come in a box, a can, or frozen form. These food sources cannot give life force energy because they are not from life.

I am not referring to nutrition when I speak about food sources. I am only referring to its effect on your vibration. Foods that come from sources nourished by the earth would all be animals including byproducts such as dairy. These foods have the effect of lowering or “grounding” your vibration.

On the other end of the spectrum, the diet that offers the highest vibration is raw food. A raw food diet consists of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. Tropical raw foods have the highest vibration due to their place of origin – closest to the sun. These foods get their nutrition from the sun and eating them will raise your vibration. Cooking vegetables reduces their ability to impact you.

Raw food puts you at the top of your frequency. If you want to raise your vibration, adopt a raw food regiment for several days to cleanse your body. You will notice that you feel lighter in every way. This is definitely not the best approach for those with high/ungrounded energy.

When energy is disproportionately distributed in the upper chakras, people may feel emotionally unstable, irritable, easily provoked, unable to slow thoughts, forgetful or just distracted. A cheeseburger is a good remedy for that feeling of unsettledness and the inability to focus. Meat has a grounding effect on your energy field, bringing your vibration down to a level that feels more functional to high frequency people.

Imagine a pitted car in a NascarTM race that is trying to re-enter the track. If the track is full, there is no room for it to enter. This is how spirit views the human mind; we must make space for them to enter our thoughts. If your mind is racing out of control during your waking hours, you will need to slow its pace to receive. Grounding with food and other techniques will help you to slow down your crown chakra to receive your messages.

Experiment with food to see how different foods make you feel. Become conscious of what you put in your mouth and its effect on your body after you’ve eaten. For those with grounded energy, adopt a diet that will raise you to the higher end of your range. For those with upper chakra energy, adopt a diet that will lower your vibration.

Another means to ground is exercising outdoors. It is particularly helpful if you can walk in the woods or on a path enveloped by trees. Many people find walking on the beach to be relaxing and therefore grounding. Eating tubers, or vegetables that grow beneath the ground, may also affect your frequency. They will only ground those that are very high vibration; the affect will be more neutral for lower vibration people.

Inhaling or wearing different oils may also serve to alter your frequency. Metaphysical store employees will be able to connect you with the correct oil to achieve the balance you’re seeking.

Crystals are another means to modify your frequency. Some will raise your vibration and some will ground you. This is another useful product that can be found at a metaphysical store. Ask the staff which crystals they recommend based on your goals.

Music also has an effect on your energy field. Imagine the difference between a very mellow, new age sound track compared to a hard rock, energizing one. The first tends to have a relaxing effect and the other will tend to have an accelerating effect on the listener. I’ve heard many women say they crank up the volume of their music and rock out while they are cleaning the house. The music is energizing and supports their ability to finish their housework. Music is definitely a great way to adjust your energy in whichever way is needed.

To assess your energy distribution, your Ayurveda dosha should coincide with your energy field. The term “dosha” comes from an ancient, holistic Hindu medical science called Ayurveda medicine. This science associates body types with elemental energies and stresses that balance is necessary for optimal health. The three doshas are: Kapha (elements of water and earth), Pitta (elements of fire and water) and Vata (the elements of air and space).

Every person has one or two dominant doshas with the energy distributed among all three doshas in a manner unique to the individual (in the same way that chakra energy is distributed). The work of renowned medical doctor, speaker and best-selling author Deepak Chopra has helped to highlight the Ayurveda philosophy to Americans. His web site offers a plethora of opportunities for growth, healing and insight and may be found at:

If you are Kapha dosha, then your energy should be grounded (earth) and be concentrated in the lowers or 1 through 3. If you are Pitta, then your energy is concentrated in the middle (fire), or heart chakra. You’re strongest in your 4th chakra. If you are Vata, then your energy is strongest in your head (air) within the 5, 6 and 7th chakras. You can find a dosha questionnaire online that will give you feedback about your doshas. You may draw an inference between your doshas and your chakra energy distribution. They are correlated because they are both based on energy.

Optimally, you will need to find a Reiki practitioner to get feedback about your energy. Just like we really don’t hear the way our voice it sounds to others, it is nearly impossible to discern your energy distribution by checking into your body and how it feels. To be sure, receive a Reiki practitioner’s evaluation and a Ayurveda test (free online testing resources). Once you know your energy distribution, you can begin to work within your natural range to adjust it. You may find recommendations for a Reiki practitioner at your local metaphysical store or organic market.

Other things that affect your vibration are caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco and narcotics. They all affect your vibration in varying degrees. Many people that are high vibration use tobacco to ground without being conscious of it. It is soothing and relaxing because it lowers their vibration and allows them to function in the grounded world. I am not advocating tobacco use, as its side effects are well documented and established.

Narcotics are sometimes prescribed by a doctor and are not always illicit in nature. If your doctor has prescribed something for you, you should consult him/her before discontinuing your medication. Alcohol is considered socially acceptable but just one glass of wine knocks me out of range. It puts me out of range of spirit’s messages because the bottom of my range is not within their reach. For me, caffeine is okay in moderation. If it leaves you feeling jittery because you’re sensitive to it or you’ve had too much, your range will be affected. Sugar also has varying affects because it alters your chemistry.

The key here is that everyone is different; we all have a unique energy field. We each have a baseline and a range on both sides of that baseline. Learn more about your energy baseline and how foods affect you by getting an energy analysis and then becoming conscious of your body and what affects it. Once you know how your energy is distributed, you can make adjustments that will bring you closer to spirit’s frequency.


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