The Mental Body

Food and exercise definitely have an effect on your body but your mind is the computer that runs the body. The health of your chakra system, and therefore your energy field, is greatly influenced by your emotions. Your emotions are directly related to the meaning you attach to events, experiences, and thoughts.

For most of us in the Western culture, our minds run a mile a minute and we feel we have no control over the direction or the pace of our thinking. The power of your mind is amazing. All actions and manifestations in your life are first a seed, or thought, sown in your mind. All matter begins in thought form. Be the master and not the slave to your mind and you will find you are a happier person. Why? Because as the master, you decide what to feed your mind and if you choose only positive and happy thoughts, your mood and emotions will reflect that.

Our lives all have stress, or the perception of stress. As spirit reminds me sometimes, stress and worry can be optional. Be conscious about your stressors and decide if they are important enough to give them energy. Where do you lose energy? Take a moment to consider what everyday situations cause you to lose some of your power. Most of the time, we can only change our response to a situation.

We think we know how things should be. We have attachments of all sorts and when things don’t work the way we’d hoped, we lose energy and power with resentments and anger. Judgment is one of the most pervasive and harmful thought processes and will always lower your vibration because it has a lower level energy associated with it. None of us like to be judged by others, yet we all engage in it ourselves.

Another pattern that lowers your frequency and has many other negative effects on your body and psyche is withholding forgiveness. We all have hurts and injuries inflicted upon us by others, family, friends, even strangers.

People tend to hang on to these hurts for a variety of reasons but mostly because they want to do so. After all, from their perspective they are the victims in the scenario. Holding onto hatred, resentment and anger because of a real or perceived emotional wound (or physical one) is not serving your higher self. It keeps you trapped in the energy of the original injury. You are forced to relive it each time you reflect on it.

Withholding forgiveness only hurts you and not the person you are refusing to forgive. They are not living with this negative energy within them, you are. They may not even be aware, or worse, may not care that you refuse to forgive them. If you feel stuck in the process of forgiveness, consider going to psychotherapy or hypnotherapy or both. Work through the issue to defuse the energy associated with it.

Other emotions that are not within a high frequency are fairly obvious. Jealousy and envy are lower level emotions. They’re the opposite of empowerment. If you want something that someone else has, then examine how they achieved it and try to duplicate their efforts. Focusing on what you don’t have is not positive and will only seek to reinforce the situation.

Fear is another lower level emotion. Fear and faith cannot exist together because they are polar opposites. I have met many people who go to church regularly, pray regularly, and yet suffer from deep-seated fear and anxiety. They truly love God and believe that God loves them, yet they can’t give up their need to tightly control their lives. They don’t seem capable of placing their troubles in the hands of their higher power.

I was told by spirit a long time ago that if it appears we have life under control, that is an illusion created by the ego. The reality is that we have zero control over anything other than perhaps what we eat for breakfast. Even that’s questionable if your house suddenly catches on fire. The illusions we operate under serve to keep us from feeling the enormity of the universe and our small and powerless place within it. Fear of any type is a lack of faith and will keep you in a low frequency. Another byproduct of fear is that sometimes feeding your fear energy will serve to create the very situation you fear. What you imagine in your mind and feed with energy will manifest in real life. Replace fear with faith.

Other issues that affect your vibration involve the energy in your home. The use of harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided. There are many cleaners on the market that are gentle, yet effective. Clutter within your home will serve to lower your vibration. I advocate the use of Feng Shui principles in organizing the furniture inside the home. Feng Shui is based on the principles of energy and energetic flow –– more information can be accessed online. It will also help the energy in your home to “smudge” or burn sage. Sage can be found in most meta-physical stores and has been used by Native Americans and others to cleanse physical matter of negative energies. While burning the sage, walk through each room and waft the smoke into the air. Ask that all negative energies be removed. When moving into a new home, it’s always a good practice to wipe the energetic slate clean from the previous occupants. For example, if they moved out due to a volatile break-up, residual energy will still be present and need to be removed.

Relationships can be energetically toxic, whether it’s a co-worker or a parent. Sometimes we can’t remove a person from our life (like a co-worker), but we can alter our response to that person. If someone is in your life that doesn’t reflect positive energy, evaluate whether they should be in your life. It’s just that simple.

One more toxic influence is the media. I choose to get my news and information from the Internet; therefore I decide which story link I elect to know more about. Local media in my community is very negative and filled with stories of people being shot, homes burning to the ground, robberies, and rapes. With television news, you have no warning as to what story is coming next and most stories are based in fear. For example, “Doctors say this will be the worst flu season ever. More to come after this commercial break.” I don’t want that story in my conscious mind because it will plant a seed that I don’t want to sow. Become the gate-keeper to your mind with regard to news stories and you will cut down on their toxic effect on your psyche.

If you choose to explore how your mind works and how you can find relief from suffering by releasing attachments, I recommend the work of Pema Chodron, a Western Buddhist nun. Her books and lectures may be found online. She explains the Buddhist philosophy in a manner that Westerners can relate to quite easily.

Buddhism can be used as a way of life in addition to one’s religion of origin. For me personally, it has been a rewarding path to a very peaceful place.



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