You are an amazingly intuitive person. How do I know this? Because everyone has intuition. A basic survival skill, intuition keeps us safe by alerting us to danger and giving us clues about how to remain safe. Intuition is always interacting with us, scanning people, places, and situations to ensure our physical safety. Intuition is more important than what our eyes, ears, and less dominant senses tell us. Something may seem safe, yet that nagging feeling remains that all is not as it seems.

As we grow older, we are taught to ignore our intuition. We live in a pragmatic culture that values reason and logic. Information that cannot be validated, that is received from an unknown source, is devalued. Intuition is a word rarely used in conversation. People may say they have a funny feeling about something or they have a gut instinct, but they won’t generally call it intuition.

Why is intuition such a charged word? It opens up the proverbial Pandora’s Box that houses all that is not reasonable. Any information without basis in reason is not a comfortable subject. Many people would rather repeat something they heard from someone, reliable or not, than disclose an intuitive message. At least with gossip, the source can be traced.

The Receptivity Project invites you to turn on your intuition. There are many reasons your intuition may have been silenced, but it is usually that the human mind is not allowing the intuitive voice to be heard. Perhaps your intuition told you not to buy a certain house, but you did anyway because it was a steal. You later find out why it was sold for such a low price. Intuition is always available, yet it is often silenced by reason. In fact, intuition has no ulterior motive and can always be trusted over logic and reason. If you get an intuitive message about something, you should never ignore it. Release the need to know how or why, and trust that what your intuition is telling you is absolute truth. Your mind is running a different program and cannot always be trusted; your intuition has only your best interests at heart.

This book is designed to help you explore the mystical aspect of your life. You can engage with spirit as much or as little as you want. In other words, take what you want from this book and leave what doesn’t interest you. You can use the recommendations from this book to simply balance your energy, or you can use them for their intended purpose of connecting you to your spirit guides.

Just as we are all intuitive, we all have the capability of connecting to the spiritual dimension. Some people are born into the range of vibration that allows them to receive messages from spirit easily: we call those people gifted or psychic. There is a shroud of mystery over the world of mediums, and in this book I intend to lift it. You can do the same work as mediums do. You have the same abilities they have. Many mediums spend their time charging their clients for readings rather than training them to understand the messages they receive every day. Make no mistake, you are now and have always been receiving messages from spirit. Spirit speaks in a manner different than we usually do, so this book is designed to help you understand the language of spirit. When you understand this language, you will see that there are no coincidences and your spirit guides are constantly working on our behalf.

Whether your intention is to simply balance your energy or to manipulate your energy to receive messages from spirit more readily, this book will guide you. To begin, you must understand basic energy principles. Spirit is a form of energy; we are energy housed in human bodies. To bridge that gap, you must understand the realm of spirit and their language.

There is nothing to fear from making your own connections with spirit. I have provided guidelines to keep you safely within the light that contains all that is beautiful. The day you connect to the light will be the most amazing day of your life. It will be worth any effort that it may require. I attempted to channel for a year before my first breakthrough. Now it’s as easy for me as turning on a light switch. It has been a journey to get where I am now, but I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Having access to spirit routinely makes my life easier. Today my spirit guides instructed me to call ahead to see if my coworker still wanted to meet. I followed this guidance and called him. As it turns out, he had forgotten our appointment and needed to reschedule. This guidance saved me an hour and a half of driving and wasted energy on this unnecessary trip.

How would knowing your life’s purpose affect your life? Would you like to have access to information that can assist you in your everyday life? If you want to enrich your life beyond measure, then engage in The Receptivity Project. I was given the name and logo of this book in a channeling session. My spirit guides want me to reach as many people as I can with this important message:

Anyone can channel, and I can show you how.

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