Energy 101

Energy is everywhere around you. The computer or tablet you’re using contains energy, the air you’re breathing has energy and the food you eat has energy. Energy is an element of all forms of matter.

Humans in general and Western Society in particular have difficulty grasping the existence of something that is invisible to the human eye. It is long accepted that germs and bacteria, although not perceived with the naked eye, exist and can be harmful. Matter exists in different forms and is commonly known to exist in the form of solid, liquid or gas. Most people understand that gases can be invisible and undetectable by any of the five senses, yet they are known to exist.

Energy is like the invisible oxygen that you are breathing — essential for your survival and yet not acknowledged on a conscious level until it is compromised or not present at all. Just like the air you breathe, a shortage of energy will adversely impact your health.

There are a few different ways to refer to an energy field. When one can see an energy field, it is referred to as an aura. Your vibration (frequency) refers to the way your energy feels. There are musical notes associated with different vibrations of energy. The lower notes coincide with lower vibrations of energy and higher notes coincide with higher frequencies of energy. There are music compilations that are created to clear chakra blockages based on harmony between musical notes and chakra frequencies.

There are seven major energy centers within your body. The manner in which the energy is distributed within these seven centers creates your energy signature. Your energy signature is unique, much like your fingerprints. The difference between an energy signature and other characteristics is that unless you are speaking with someone who sees auras, your energy is not visible.

Those who can see energy describe the seven major energy centers as spinning wheels. The word “chakra” means wheel or disc in Sanskrit. The centers work together to form your energy system, like your digestive organs work together as your digestive system. Energy enters these wheels in the front of your body and leave through the back of your body.

Each chakra governs a specific type of energy and they all work together to create YOU. Information is stored within each chakra; they each house a database of information about you and your life.

The first chakra is called the root chakra and it is located from the bottom of the spine to the bottom of your feet. It is described as red in color. This chakra stores information about your family and tribal (cultural) beliefs, as well as feelings regarding security and physical survival. It is the lowest frequency of the chakras.
The second chakra is called the sacral chakra and is orange in color. This is the region at your navel. This chakra governs your sexuality and reproduction, connectedness with others as well as creativity. It is a slightly higher frequency than the root chakra. Often times, the root and sacral chakras work closely together because their purposes are sometimes inter-related.

The third chakra, called the solar plexus, is associated with the color yellow. This region stores information about an individual’s self-esteem and ego. One’s personality and personal power are associated with this area. It is located above your navel.

The fourth chakra is green in color and it is referred to as the heart chakra. This is the area where love is stored, in the center of your chest. Loving and painful memories may be found in the fourth chakra. Most everyone will have some pain stored here from unpleasant experiences within their lifetime. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love are components of a healthy and strong heart chakra.

The fifth chakra is found in the area of the throat and it is blue in color. This is your voice, your truth and your personal expression. A person with a healthy throat chakra honestly expresses him or herself.

The sixth chakra is referred to as the “third eye” or sometimes called the brow chakra. It is located on your forehead and is dark blue or indigo in color. It is the area associated with a higher consciousness. An open third eye chakra may receive messages from spirit in a visual format or a knowing of information without a clear source. Intuition and imagination are brow chakra manifestations.

Finally, the seventh chakra is called the crown chakra. This chakra can be seen as white or purple. This chakra is your connection to a higher power. Intuitive information primarily comes in from above through the crown, although it enters other chakras as well.

Information from your guides will come in through your crown and third eye, as they are closely linked in their purpose and their vibration.

This is a very basic overview of the chakras and what they do. There are many books and web sites devoted to the subject. If you find energy and the chakras interesting, you may enjoy a Reiki course. The form of alternative medicine called Reiki originated in Japan. The name can be broken into two Japanese words: Rei meaning “from above” and Ki meaning “energy”. It also has been translated into “life force”. Reiki is a healing modality that releases blockages in your energy system and facilitates energy movement.

The first step to adjusting your frequency so you can begin dialogue with spirit should begin with a Reiki session by a Reiki Master. This will facilitate the removal of any blockages within the chakras as well as provide feedback as to how your energy is distributed among your chakras.



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