Balancing Your Energy

You know when your energy just feels right.  When it’s at an optimal level for you — you’re in the zone and you feel like you can accomplish your goals.  When your energy is either too high or too low, something feels off.  You either feel like you don’t have the energy you need to make it through the day or, conversely, you feel a level of anxiety that may distract you from your tasks.

Some people have chronic energetic imbalances that require a doctor’s care and medication.  If you are bi-polar or suffer from depression or anxiety, continue to work with your doctor and take your medication.  You can still use these strategies to assist you in gaining balance. 

You can balance your energy through external influences that appeal to each of your five senses.  I recently balanced myself by using a combination of dairy, soothing music and a vanilla candle.  This combination not only assisted me in calming down to a relaxed state, but it assisted a guest who joined me later. 

The first sense I would like to address is your sense of hearing.  It’s quite easy to change the radio station or adjust your digital music selection to a choice that will suit your mood.  If your energy is where you want it to be, simply select something that you enjoy.  If you are anxious or require calming, use new age or slower music to calm you down.  The artist Enya is always my first choice, followed by Josh Groban or something else that is soothing.  If your energy is lagging and you want to be invigorated, put on a fast-paced selection such as hard rock.  There’s a reason why they don’t play Enya at spinning and aerobic classes; they want you to adjust your pace to the pace of the music.  Fast-paced music will always get your heart beating faster and the rest of your physiology will follow. 

Your sense of smell is a subtle but heavy influence on your body.  We have all had the experience of not feeling hungry until we’ve smelled a delicious meal.  Scents will imprint on your psyche; the smell of an ex-lover’s cologne or the smell of the soup your mother used to make will instantly remind you of the original memory.  Your olfactory sense is a powerful game changer for your mood.  I use essential oils and high quality candles to assist me with my energy management. 

I typically require calming scents more than invigorating ones and my favorites are lavender, vanilla, almond and cocoa nut.  I use these scents in the form of body wash and colognes, as well as essential oils and candles.  The essential oils should be a good quality oil from your local organic store, burned in a tea light holder that has an oil reservoir.  Candles should also be a good quality candle or the negative effects may out weigh the positives. 

Invigorating scents include eucalyptus, orange and citrus.  When beginning the day, I check in to gauge my energy.  If it feels perfect, I use my favorite cologne and body wash.  If I need to calm, I use the vanilla body wash and vanilla cologne (one of many).  If I need a bit more energy, I use the peppermint body wash and citrus cologne.  These scents stay with me throughout the day and assist me with my mood management.

The most powerful sense is your sense of sight.  Wearing bold colors will help ramp up your energy.  Red is a particularly powerful color.  Wearing muted, soft colors will calm your energy throughout the day.  Clutter in your home, your car and your work area will definitely have a negative impact on your energy and your mood.  Take time to remove trash from your car and straighten your workplace area before leaving.  I am often surprised at the state of someone’s car, an area where you spend at least an hour a day.  No matter how old your car is, the interior should look clean and uncluttered.  The exterior is not as important to your overall mood, unless it’s particularly important to you. 

Your home is your sanctuary.  When you pull up to your home, do you feel good or bad about it?  If the response is negative, try to identify why that is.  If you just need to cut the grass, then take care of it. Since I began this chapter, I realized I needed to follow my own advice and bought an herb wreath for the front door.  Once inside, how does your home feel?  I encourage you to learn about Feng Shui principles to balance the energy of your home. Feng Shui, while a funny name, is an ancient Chinese system of creating balance and harmony in your home through the placement of objects. This balance of energy should appeal to your sense of sight and foster harmony in those who enter. 

Balancing through your sense of touch requires a bit more planning.  There are some hands-on healing modalities, such as Rolfing, that are invigorating.  Most massages, however, have the overall purpose of creating a sense of calm.  A session with a Reiki practitioner would be ideal for balancing since that is the intended purpose of Reiki.  Exercise can be either calming or stimulating.  Basically, if it accelerates your heartbeat, it’s invigorating.  Aerobic exercises such as running, biking and swimming are generally stimulating.  Yoga, walking and other slower activities can be calming.  However, walking while talking on your cell phone will negate any potential calming effects.  Walking with headphones piping in music can be calming if the music is calm.  If it’s a fast-paced song, the calming effect will be less.  Walking in the woods is particularly calming and has a grounding effect (bringing energy down to the bottom half of your body).    Finally, a warm bath or shower can have a calming effect.  A cold shower has the opposite effect, it will stimulate your energy, but in an abrupt manner.

Meditation is the ultimate source of all tranquility.  If you remove all stimulation or interruption and sit in stillness, you may eventually feel a sense of calmness.  Meditation does not necessarily have to be done in a sitting pose and there is no technically correct way to do it.  Sitting in your car with your eyes closed, waiting for an appointment, can be very calming… providing you with a sense of relief. 
We are surrounded by stimulation of all types almost all the time.  When I go to the mall, I am amazed at the amount of smells I encounter.  I am particularly sensitive to smells.  Some stores have a strong scent being distributed inside and it flows to the exterior of the store.  Not to mention the pretzel stand, the pizza stand and the cookie place.  I find the mall generally unpleasant and limit my visit to a specific agenda.  In addition to the smells constantly confronting me, there is the noise factor, and sources of sensory overload.  Most teenagers today require two types of media at once:  texting while watching television or some other type of multi-tasking.  We are bombarded with stimulation.  Remove yourself from the constant digital stream through meditation or simply turn off your phone.  I know that’s a shocking thing to suggest – you can do it!

The last physical sense that can assist you with balance is your sense of taste.  All foods that originate from a source nourished by the sun are invigorating.  Fruits, vegetables and nuts all fall into this category.  Foods that are derived from sources nourished by the earth are grounding foods.  All meat and dairy fall into this category.  Sources that are far from their original form, such as processed foods in a box or can, have a more neutral effect.  They can’t give us life energy since they are not from a life form.  Caffeine will have a stimulating effect; however, you may feel worse once it’s worn off.  Caffeine affects people differently; if you know it’s something that you can use in a healthy way, then it’s worth trying.  Doctors are constantly trying to assess the health benefits of caffeine.  Currently, one to two cups a day are said to have no known adverse health effects.  Conversely, there are also many teas on the market that have a calming effect, such as chamomile tea.  There are teas marketed as “Bedtime Tea” because their properties have a calming effect. 

All energy management begins with an assessment and then a goal for where you want to be.  Internal influences on your energy can be just as important as the external ones.  Managing your thoughts can assist you in raising your energy level.  Thoughts that make you feel good will aid in an overall sense of well-being.  Helping others, praying for others, giving gratitude and love are all activities that will leave you feeling better in general. 

Judgment, jealousy, gossip, self-pity, anger and unhealthy competition are all within a frequency that will lower your energy level.  Consider that you will be the container for these toxins before you engage in them.  If you have friends or co-workers who engage in these types of conversations, you may have a choice to make.

I once had a co-worker who would stop by my cubicle and deliver her disaster stories each week.  They would always be unpleasant occurrences that had happened to her, her family or someone she knew.  I decided that I wanted to excuse myself from her rounds and, without being rude, I let her know I really didn’t have time to talk.  She eventually stopped coming by.  It’s okay to decide who has access to your energy.  The woman I am speaking of was actually an energy vampire; she felt stronger when she left my presence and I felt weaker.  There’s no room for these types in my life.  You can decide for yourself if you have energy to spare for others who want to feed off of you.

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