What is the Receptivity Project?

Spirit guides and the departed speak to us everyday. We are not accustomed to the language they use to communicate. Most of us are not born within their range of frequency. We call those born within that range “gifted” and psychic.

There are simple adjustments that can be made by the average person to their physical, emotional and spiritual body to become more receptive to the frequency of spirit.

If you study this picture to the right, you’ll notice the smooth, mirror-like surface of the lake. Although your five senses do not detect it, you know there is a rich ecosystem beneath that surface.

The spirit world is like this lake; there is so much to experience if you look beyond what your five senses tell you. The Receptivity Project is an effort to assist as many as possible to make their own connection.

The first step is to believe what you’ve been told is impossible is, in fact, possible.










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