About Me

My name is Leslie. Those who know me well consider me to be a very grounded person.

The combination of a profound Reiki session, a raw food diet, and a hiatus from work produced significant improvements in my efforts to channel my own guides. Suddenly, they were able to reach me and my life would never be the same! 

One of their first and most persistent messages was that I was to share my experience with others. They also asked me to help others receive their own messages. It took me a few years to absorb and begin to perform this big request. 

I have a proven system of techniques that will enhance your own efforts to reach your spirit guides. Just like with any endeavor, what you put into it will reflect what you get out of it. 

If you find you need help on your journey, I am available to assist you. I am a Reiki Master and can provide you with a Reiki session, a channeled reading, and spiritual coaching. Click on the CONTACT link to set up an appointment.








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